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Why Tiki Huts Are a Must-Have for Your Pool Area

Looking to transform your pool area into a tropical paradise? Look no further than a Tiki Hut! With their charming thatched roofs and island-inspired design, Tiki Huts are the perfect addition to any outdoor oasis. But that’s not all – these delightful structures offer a range of benefits that make them a must-have for any pool area.

The perfect poolside experience is a combination of relaxation, entertainment, and protection from the elements.

And what better way to achieve all of these than with a Tiki Hut? These delightful structures not only provide shelter from the sun and rain, but also add a touch of tropical charm to your backyard oasis.

Tiki Huts create a cozy spot for lounging and entertaining guests, making them the ultimate way to elevate your poolside experience. Plus, they can increase the value of your property!

We’ll explore the many reasons why Tiki Huts are a must-have for any pool area, and provide you with tips on choosing the perfect one for your needs and maintaining it for years to come.

So, let’s delve into the world of Tiki Huts and discover how they can take your poolside experience to the next level!

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10 benefits of installing a Tiki Hut in Your Pool Area

Protection from the sun and rain

One of the biggest advantages of having a tiki hut in your pool area is that it provides protection from the sun and rain.

With a tiki hut, you can enjoy your pool area without worrying about the harmful effects of the sun. Tiki huts also offer shelter from the rain, allowing you to enjoy your pool area even when it’s raining.

Adds a tropical vibe to your pool area

Tiki huts add a tropical vibe to your pool area, creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The thatched roof and bamboo construction give your pool area an island feel, making it the perfect place to unwind and relax.

Tiki huts can also be customized to fit the style and design of your home, making them a great addition to any backyard.

Provides a space for relaxation and entertainment

Tiki huts provide a space for relaxation and entertainment, allowing you to enjoy your pool area even more.

With a tiki hut, you can lounge in the shade, read a book, or enjoy a drink with friends. Tiki huts also provide a space for outdoor dining, making them perfect for hosting summer barbecues or dinner parties.

Increases the value of your property

Tiki huts can increase the value of your property, making them a worthwhile investment. They add to the aesthetics of your backyard, making it more appealing to potential buyers. Tiki huts also offer a unique selling point that can make your property stand out from others on the market.

Provides a gathering space

A tiki hut can serve as a gathering space for family and friends. It offers a cozy atmosphere where people can relax, socialize, and have a good time. You can add seating, a bar, or other entertainment features to make it even more inviting.

Enhances the aesthetics of your pool area

Tiki huts add a unique and tropical element to your pool area. They create an exotic and luxurious atmosphere that can make your poolside feel like a vacation destination. Whether you opt for a traditional or modern design, a tiki hut is sure to enhance the aesthetics of your backyard.

Speaking of traditional or modern design tiki huts- if you are unsure which one is best for your pool area, you can reach out to thatch huts now for a free consultation.

Protects your outdoor furniture

If you have an outdoor furniture in your pool area, a tiki hut can help protect it from the elements. The shade provided by the tiki hut can prevent sun damage, and the roof can protect your furniture from rain and other weather conditions.

Provides a sense of privacy

A tiki hut can provide a sense of privacy in your pool area. It creates a cozy and secluded space where you can relax and unwind without feeling like you’re being watched by neighbors or passersby.

Adds a fun and playful element

Tiki huts come with a playful and fun atmosphere, which makes them a great addition to any pool area. They can make your backyard feel like a tropical oasis, and they’re sure to put a smile on the faces of your guests. Kids will especially love the playful and adventurous atmosphere created by a tiki hut.

Offers protection from insects

Tiki huts can offer protection from insects and other pests. The roof provides a barrier that can prevent insects from getting into the pool area, and the thatch roofing material can help repel certain types of bugs. This can make your pool area more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

Types of Tiki Huts to Elevate Your Pool Area

There are two common types of tiki huts to enhance your pool side and transform it to a tropical paradise: natural thatch and synthetic thatch.

Choosing Natural Thatch to enhance your pool area

Thatched roof made from natural materials such as sabal palm leaves, are known for their durability and resistance to weathering.

Natural Thatched roof tiki huts offer the most authentic island feel, making them perfect for those who want to create an exotic and tropical atmosphere in their pool area. The thatch roofing material provides natural insulation, keeping the interior of the hut cool and comfortable, even on hot summer days.

Additionally, the natural thatch is renewable and sustainable, making it an Eco-friendly option for those who want to minimize their environmental impact. With their natural materials and authentic design, natural thatched roof tiki huts are a great way to bring a touch of the tropics to your backyard.

Choosing Synthetic thatch to enhance your pool area

Synthetic thatch  offer the same look and feel as natural tiki huts. It has gained popularity as an alternative to natural thatch because of its durability and low maintenance requirements. The increased durability and reduced maintenance requirements of synthetic thatch make it a popular choice among homeowners.

Synthetic tiki huts are also more affordable than natural tiki huts, making them a popular choice among homeowners. Synthetic tiki huts are typically made from materials such as high-density polyethylene, synthetic thatch, or composite materials.

While some synthetic tiki huts may incorporate cypress pine or wood-like textures into their design, they are not made entirely from these natural materials.

Synthetic thatch is a practical option for homeowners looking to create a tropical atmosphere in their pool area without having to worry about the upkeep required with natural thatch.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tiki Hut for Your Pool Area

Size and shape

The size and shape of your tiki hut will depend on the size and shape of your pool area. You want your tiki hut to be proportional to your pool area and not overpower it. Consider the number of people you want to accommodate and the amount of space you have available.

Type of roof material

The type of roof material you choose will depend on your personal preference, budget, and the climate in your area. Natural thatched roofs offer the most authentic look, but require more maintenance and are not suitable for areas with heavy rainfall or high winds.

Synthetic thatch, on the other hand, is more durable and require less maintenance, but may not offer the same level of authenticity as natural thatch.

Location and orientation

The location and orientation of your tiki hut will also impact your overall pool area experience. You want your tiki hut to be situated in a way that offers the best views of your pool and surrounding landscape.

You should also consider the amount of shade and privacy you want, as well as any potential obstructions such as trees or other structures.

Style and design

Tiki huts come in a variety of styles and designs, so it’s important to choose one that complements your home’s architecture and overall aesthetic. You can choose a traditional tiki hut design or opt for a modern twist on the classic look.

You can also customize your tiki hut with different finishes and accessories, such as lighting or seating.

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Tips to keep your Pool Area Tiki Hut Stunning

By maintaining your tiki hut properly, you can keep your pool area stunning and create an oasis that you can enjoy for years to come.

Regular cleaning and upkeep

To keep your tiki hut looking its best, you’ll need to perform regular cleaning and upkeep. This includes removing any debris from the roof and supporting structure, cleaning the thatch or other roofing material, and applying protective coatings to prevent weathering and insect damage.

How to prevent damage from weather and pests

To prevent damage from weather and pests, it’s important to choose the right roofing material and take steps to protect your tiki hut.

This includes installing a proper drainage system to prevent water damage, sealing any gaps or cracks in the structure to prevent pests from entering, and using natural repellents such as citronella candles or essential oils.


Tiki huts are a must-have for any pool area, offering a range of benefits including protection from the sun and rain, a tropical vibe, a space for relaxation and entertainment, and increased property value. With a variety of different styles and designs to choose from, you can customize your tiki hut to fit your personal taste and preferences. By considering factors such as size and shape, roof material, location and orientation, and style and design, you can choose the perfect tiki hut for your poolside. With regular cleaning and upkeep, you can keep your tiki hut looking its best and enjoy its benefits for years to come. And if you need assistance in building the ideal tiki hut for your poolside, thatch huts can help! We have helped over 1000 homes and commercial residences in Florida and beyond to enhance their backyard. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help enhance your pool area, and elevate your swimming pool experience.



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